The Wandering Workentins

The Wandering Workentins ~ Ron & Ali: God loving, couple with two great sons, two delightful daughters-in-loves and five wonderful grandchildren, Max, Opal, Christopher, Treyson and Alexander. Following the Lord wherever He leads. Travel along with us as we visit family, friends, work wherever He lands us all the while trusting Him every step of the way. We enjoy meeting new people and seeing new things along life's journey.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What a Week

Boy did we have an unexpected week here at the Lone Star Corral.

Tuesday morning we found out we had been robbed here at the park.  The person or persons had cut the lock off the door to the tool shed and taken about $750 worth of tools, cut a huge hole in the fence and messed up some stuff in the tool shed.  

Ron and I were so thankful that in early April we started doing a full inventory of the park.  Along with tagging and listing of items, Ron took pictures of everything in each area.  We only have the clubhouse and the library to do yet.  And we plan on working on that in the next week.  Back to the robbery.  We called the police and the sheriff showed up about 20 minutes later.  Ron gave him pictures and list of what was stolen and the sheriff said he would stay in touch with us.

Our day went on and Tuesday evening about 7:30 we had a knock on the door.  Ron was told that someone wanted to talk to him on the phone.  So off to one of our members lot.  After talking to this man we now know who robbed the park.  Another call to the sheriff and about 20 minutes later here came the sheriff (he just lives about a half mile from the park).  After taking the members statement, talking to a man on the phone and Ron filling out a statement The sheriff was off to check out some things and gather a couple more statements.  About 10:15 p.m. the sheriff stopped by the motor home and said he would get a warrant in the morning and we would go from there.

Without going into a lot of details, about 9:30 the warrant was served and one of the people involved was arrested.  The sheriff said he would keep us updated on how things progress.  Friday morning we were again visited by the sheriff saying another warrant was going to be executed.  So the case is moving along.

On Monday we started the process of looking for new Assistant Managers.   The couple who had accepted the job sent a letter stating they could not work on weekends so they would not be coming in September.  They had been told that they work on our days off.  When they find out it was Saturday and Sunday they decided that was not for them.  So along with dealing with the robbery I was busy placing an ad on Workamper News and then looking at resumes.  Tuesday morning when I came into work I had 21 emails in my office - all resumes of couples wanting us to consider them for the position.  So lots of our time this past week has been reading emails, answering questions on the phone, replying to emails all in regards to the open position.  Saturday one of the couples came for an interview - it just happened they are currently working just outside Austin so they made a day of it to come here so we could meet and interview them.  There were five of us interviewing the two of them.  Things went pretty well and a decision will be made soon about how we proceed.

Saturday afternoon we just hung out, watched a movie on TV, recorded lots of movies on the Encore channels (we get it free this weekend) and did  some grocery shopping.  In the evening Ron went to the Mud Drag Races in Dunlay.  He had a good time.  He did notice that many of the people carried in their coolers with their beer and wine coolers - something we would never see in Washington!  I stayed home and had a quiet evening to myself.  I did some reading, some writing and enjoyed the quiet and peacefulness of some alone time ~ something I think we all need once in awhile.

Today we were off to church.  Heard a good sermon on pride and were entertained by the VBS kids who sang in words and signs some cute songs.  After church we went to the Jade Dragon for lunch.  As we walked in we were invited to join three people from church.  We ate lunch with Judge Bubba and his wife Sharon, and Carol (she leads a Zumba class at the church 4 nights a week) ~ I am thinking of maybe trying that out but not too sure yet.  Have to think on that one.  We were later joined by Al & Yvonne, the first couple we met at FBC of Hondo.  We enjoyed the company and getting to know more people on a personal level.  Found out Judge Bubba lives almost across the street from the park and he is the judge who signed the arrests warrants from our robbery.  In talking we found out that a reserve deputy lives just around the corner from the park and the judges secretary lives just down the street.  Never thought we would be getting to know the locals in the judicial system. 

After lunch we came back to the motor home and I made Hawaiian meatballs for Hawaiian night at church this evening.  And then I took a much needed nap!  This evening we went to FBC and had a great time.  Ate dinner with the local district attorney ~ he won't be handling our case as he does felony cases only.  Also found out we have quite a bit in common with them.  His wife had HELLPS - which is what Suzanne had and which caused the early arrival of Opal.  Their little guy arrived at 28 weeks just under two pounds as well.  He is almost 5 and doing real well.

It feels so good to finally making some connections at church.  God is good and does guide us every step of the way.  

I would ask that you keep us in your prayers as I go for my final pre-op appointment on July 5th and have my eye surgery on July 11th.    Ron and I are both trying not to worry but sometimes those negative thoughts have a way of just bouncing into our minds.  Again we have to put our trust in God's hands and remind ourselves that He is the one in control and He knows what we will be dealing with and that He will never give us more than we can handle.

Take care and have a great week.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Checking in ~

Thought I had better check in and let y'all know that we are alive and well.

Memorial Day weekend found us camping at Medina Lake Thousand Trails, about 50 miles from D'Hanis.  We went swimming, slept, read, rested, ate bbq, went to a parade, rested and read some more.  It was a great relaxing time.

The first weekend in June we went for about a 5 hour ride in the Jeep.  We enjoy doing that kind of thing.

The second weekend in June we were back at Medina Lake Thousand Trails, this time with Hank & Euona Rathjen, a couple from here at Lone Star Corral.  We visited with each other and found out what a small world we live in.  In 1968 I hurt my eye on Gerber Road, in Sacramento, CA and in 1971 Hank & Euona lived on Gerber Road.  Small world indeed.  Saturday afternoon we went to the ice cream social at the clubhouse.  In the evening we bbq'd ribs and had potato salad, coleslaw and fresh corn on the cob.  It was delicious.  And we followed up dinner with peach pie and vanilla ice cream.  It was another great weekend here in Texas.

This weekend we ran errands, went grocery shopping, stopped at a Farmer's Market and went to church this morning.  Chatted with the pastor about our frustration of having such a difficult time to connect with people.  He seemed to understand and was a good encouragement to Ron and I.  He prayed with us about my upcoming surgery and said he would like to join us at the hospital before I go in and sit with Ron during the surgery.  It felt so good to pray with someone else, I have missed being able to pop into Pastor Charles' office and have him pray with me and talk about life and life's happening's.

After church we went to JB's BBQ - do you see a theme here?  So far we have eaten at about six different places.  Our favorite so far is Busbee's in Bandera.  Maybe I should make a running list of all the places we go for BBQ and rate them.  What do you think?

After lunch we went to Tractor Supply to return a denim shirt I had bought Ron ~ the snaps did not stay snapped :(  We bought Ron two more short-sleeved western shirts (with snaps ~ he hates buttons) and I bought a sleeveless western style shirt to wear with my denim skort.  We are definitely getting into the Texas wear here.

That's about it here ~ oh, and yes it is HOT here - we are experiencing 100'+ days.  Lots of them!  We are told this is very unusual for this time of year.  Yes 100'+ days in August not June.

That's about it from here.  Hope you are all doing great!!!