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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Few Things

Good morning on this wet and dreary Saturday from Portland.

I just wanted to share some little housekeeping things that I have done with my blog and let you know how the first day of the Rose Festival went.

Housekeeping ~

1. You no longer need to do word verification on my blog when posting comments. I have heard from a couple of you that sometimes this is a hassle so I have taken that off.

2. I am now moderating my comments. Why you ask? The answer is simple ~ I have had a couple of not very nice comments left on my blog by an anonymous visitor and I have no way to follow up with them. Very frustrating not to be able to communicate with them and respond to their comments.

How are week as gone so far ~

1. Ron worked set up on Tuesday and Wednesday in the rides department.

2. Alice worked on Wednesday helping to set up the burger booth with Wendy and Joel. Spent a lot of time washing windows ~ not a favorite thing to do but it needed to be done and it is a job.

3. Thursday we had off except for an 8:00 a.m. meeting. The meeting was a huge waste of time. They didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. You know the standard rules ~ no fighting ~ it's a firing offense, whre the laundry area is ~ show shirts always have priority, no driving private vehicles in the bone yard ~ not a problem for us as our only vehicle is the motor home and it is parked in the bone yard. The one thing they didn't mention that has been mentioned at every other meeting is no drinking ~ guess they thing we know that rule. After the meeting Ron and I came back to the motor home and visited a little while with friends. I then took a nap and Ron spent time on the computer. While I was napping Ron also walked over to the RV place that is right next door. He bought a new end for our plug and then replaced it. After I woke up, I walked down to the laundry area to see if the washer/dryer was being used. It was not, so I quickly did one load of laundry. I also made a nice dinner of ham with pineapple, brown sugar and mustard glaze, broccoli and scalloped potatoes. Pretty much we had a relaxing day.

First day of the Portland Rose Festival ~

1. It rained and rained some more.

2. It was muddy and muddy. When walking from one place to the next it was like walking through a muddy slip-n-slide. One little girl slipped in the mud and her Grandma came and got some paper towels to clean her up a little bit. The little girl was quite upset because her new skirt got all muddy and even with the reassuring comments from her Grandma that it could be washed she still shed quite a few tears. Another young woman with stelleto shoes on took a step and her shoe stayed in the mud ~ that was quite funny to see.

3. Business was slow and I mean slow. Wendy said that she has never seen it that slow on the first night of the Rose Festival even with all the rain. It made for the night to take a long time to pass. Hopefully today will be better. Weather wise it is supposed to rain off/on this morning with clearing this afternoon and evening. I sure hope that holds true.

4. I enjoyed working for Wendy and Joel. It is definitely different then selling tickets. Wendy made lots of cotton candy (pink & blue). I had one little bite, the first since we have been with the carnival. I love the taste but know that it would not be a good thing to eat one of those bags so I keep telling myself it is expensive and I don't really need it. Only four more months of telling myself that. But I do plan on buying some for the grands the last day of the season in Puyallup. Won't their parents just love me???:) I learned how to run the cash register and yes, I did make a couple of mistakes ~ hopefully that will get better today.

5. Ron worked the Mardi Gras. It is a mirrored fun house for the little kids and even some big kids go through it. He is not sure if he will be working in the same place today or not.

I think that's about it. Hope you are not too bored reading about our life here with the carnival. Well it's time for me to get ready for work so I will close for now. Wishing you each a grand day. Talk to you again soon.


Anonymous said...

I don't think there is anything boring at all about reading about your life with the carnival!! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Carol K said...

I agree, hearing about your life with the carnival is not boring. Too bad about the wet, muddy conditions. This weather has been terrible! We missed part of it while we were on our trip, but the weather is still bad. We're ready for some sunshine!

See you on Tuesday!


Lynhda Clemons said...

Just write the way you want to write. If someone doesn't have the courage to leave his name, his criticism should not count for anything! If a person does not want to read your blog, there's no gun to his head! Miss you.

Dee said...

I wonder if there is a way you can just take out the anonymous option? I had problems when there wasn't a "Name/URL" option because my google account is all messed up. Now, I just put my name it and it works great.

Too bad some people have to be pills, huh?

Love you tons!! Miss you more!!


Margie M. said...

Hi Ali: sorry you guys are having so much rain up there in Portland. Hopefully, it will dry up soon. Your new format for the blog is nice. Easy to read. Nothing boring about your blog. I'm always interesting in what the workampers are doing out there!

Have a good weekend.

Merikay said...

Glad to see the word verification gone. Wish everyone would do that. I can't understand why anyone would make unpleasant comments to you. You seem like a good hard working person.

I never find descriptions of anyone's day boring. You are doing something I will never do, but some of your experiences are the same as when I used to do outdoor art and craft fairs. Hard work, variable weather, port-a- potties!

Happytrails said...

I had to start monitoring our comments also. We kept getting some Asian comments and when we clicked on there were pictures that were not appropriate. Sad isn't it?
You are not is very interesting to hear about other full-timers and what they are doing. You write and we'll read.

Take care
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Donna McNicol said...

Ali, thank you for your comment on MY blog. I have the same frustrations that you do...people that don't have a reply email address. LOL!

We will be off on our cruise to Alaska from 6/6 to 6/21. How long will you be in Maryville? Would love to meet for lunch. You should be able to email me from my link. (I'm hoping). If not, you can from my Google profile page (I'm pretty sure).

Roxine said...

Hi Alice,
Good to read the latest and to hear what you and Ron are up to! Yes, the rain here has been a real challenge for us too but hopefully summer is just around the bend! Noah played with Vallivue Varsity team in the Madison tournament over by Idaho Falls yesterday and Friday! Jon had his 4 wisdom teeth out on Tuesday, after graduating last Saturday! He has recovered now and is doing better. You know I love to read what you write and look forward to what you have to say! I have been wanting to keep up with writing to you. Will try to do better this week. God Bless You and Ron! Love you,