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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Talking

Tuesday Talking...

...lots of little & big things are a no particular order...

~ plans...can change in an instant.  Got a phone call yesterday from Bonnie, the VP of Lone Star Corral asking us if it is possible for us to arrive in Hondo earlier than March 14th.  So out went the prayer requests, arrow prayers, figuring out the calendar, more prayers, more figuring and the decision made ~ yes, we could arrive earlier.  I called Bonnie this morning to say yes we could arrive earlier.  Now we are in the waiting game stage...Bonnie has to check with the board members to make sure things would work out.  She will call as soon as she knows.

~ IF we leave before our February 13th scheduled departure date it will be on Wednesday, January 26th...yes that is only 8 days from now!!!

~ so I am now working in warp speed...attacked the kitchen cupboards, updated the food storage totes, pantry, kitchen cupboard and the freezer.  Now I know what we have on hand and did some meal planning.

~ tomorrow I will attack the clothes totes to figure out what stays and what goes.  Hope to also get to the bathroom cupboards and drawers.  I am not only wanting to organize but also simplify and get rid of the stuff that sits in those cupboards but never gets used.  I am sure there is some old makeup that is hiding that just needs to be tossed.

~ appointments needing to be changed and fit into a new accelerated schedule.  Prescriptions need to be filled, stuff put into the storage unit and repack and organize stuff in the motor home.

~ yesterday, our friend Tim Griffith came over and took the ignition switch out of the motor home so we could get a new one.  The old ignition switch  did not connect like it was supposed to and has been draining the battery thus the levelers have not been working correctly.  So today Ron is taking the parts to Napa Autoparts in Lynden to get new ones.  Tim will put the new one in later this week.  So thankful for friends who can help out in areas we have no knowledge of.

~ yesterday I took down the Christmas decorations and put up my Valentines it looks like (from the outside) that we live in the red light district :)  I just love the soft glow of colored lights so try to put up a string or two for each holiday.  Got all the decorations packed away though I don't understand how all the stuff can fit in one tote prior to the holiday and after the holiday it takes two totes and the stuffing of 4 things under the bed.  Now I just have to hope I remember next Christmas that I have decorations under the bed.

~ today I am hanging with my friend, Dee.  Doing some much needed laundry.  Funny how it just seems to pile up even when you do it once a week.  We have drank lots of coffee, shared lots of laughter plus watched last nights episode of The Bachelor.  Sure hope my gal, Emily is the one for Brad.  I think they make a cute couple and share many of the same goals/values in life.

~ Ron is still serving on Jury Duty.  Someone asked did he like it?  He says it is interesting but he wished the jury could ask the witnesses questions :)  He was a bit frustrated today as he drove into Bellingham, 20 miles one way and then the jury was told that court was canceled today because the defense attorney is sick.  Why the court bailiff couldn't call the jury members I don't know...I am sure the attorney knew when he got up this morning that he was too sick to report to court.  Oh well,  at least Ron gets paid gas mileage.  

~ question was asked when are we heading South...well we are scheduled to leave on February 13th but as I mentioned earlier that may change once we hear from Bonnie.  I will let everyone know as soon as I do when we are leaving and what our planned itinerary is in a blog post as well it will be posted on the left side of my blog "Where We are Headed."

~ another comment we got was that Ron and I should check into playing Santa & Mrs. Claus...what a great idea, we had never thought about that.  We will keep that in mind for the next Christmas season.  Will just have to figure out how to advertise that and what we should charge for that.  And then will have to find a good Santa suit for Ron.  I have lots of Christmas sweaters so a nice pair of jeans or black slacks with one of them and I would have an outfit.

~ we have had some fellowship with friends since we have been home. Last Friday night we had a great steak & potato dinner with Sean & Stacey.  We shared stories of our travels, parenting teenagers and different cars we have owned.  They just got a new Forerunner and really are enjoying it.  On Saturday night we took dinner over to Gerald & Sandra's.  I made another soup pot full of Gumbo.  We laughed, talked, watched some football and then visited a whole lot more.   Then last Sunday, after a great service at Northwood we went to Tim & Dee's to watch the Seahawks and eat lots of goodies.  Definitely the goodies were better than the game.  Oh well, guess they can try again next season.  Sunday evening found us at our pastor's home with Pastor Charles & Margaret along with friends Dick & Carol Molcar.  It was a lot of fun hearing about some of their recent travels and sharing about our time with the carnival and our stint as Christmas tree sales people.  Monday night found me attending the Writer's Group that I belong too.  I shared a couple of poems I had written.  And listened to some other great writings from the other ladies in the group.

That leads me to a project I am trying to figure out how to do.  I would like to share the different stories and poems I have written.  I really don't want to start another blog so am trying to figure out how to just have multiple pages/tabs on this one.  I know it can be done as I have seen it on other blogs.  I just can't figure out how to do it with blogspot.  Maybe it is not possible...but I will definitely be working on that in the near future.

Well the last of the laundry is waiting to be folded so I will end my post for today.  Will definitely be writing again soon to let everyone know what is happening with our trip to Hondo.


Carol K said...

It's always good to read your updated blog, Alice. It sounds like your decision to leave early for Hondo wasn't too painful except for rearranging your appointments, etc. Will you have to speed up on the amount of days you planned to use getting there?

Donna McNicol said...

Ali, it's easy to do blog pages BUT you can only have ten of them. Click EDIT POSTS and then you will see EDIT PAGES. Then you should see NEW PAGE.

I would really suggest a different can easily get to both blogs from one blogger dashboard page. I have ten but only five are active. LOL!

PS. Congrats on the job in TX

Merikay said...

Sounds like life just moving along. Glad you both are well and looking forward to a new job.

No Recession for you two!

Travels with Emma said...

Being the red light district could be exciting?? Or, maybe not! :)

Along the Way with JnK said...

Very easy to add new pages...Under Posting click New Page and you can add up to 10 stand-alone pages.

Donna K said...

Enjoyed your post today. When I first found your blog I thought about Santa Claus. I think you two would make a perfect Santa and Mrs. Good luck on your speeded-up schedule.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Sounds like life is moving ahead for you guys, Bet your excited about your upcoming position.Hope all goes well. be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

pidge said...

Glad all is well with you. Sounds like a flurry of deeds to be done, but you will love it down here. We haven't stayed in Hondo, but have done shopping there. We have stayed in Bandera and Concan, where we are now. We love it down here. It is a little cooler than in past years, but not bitter cold or ice and snow. Stay warm.

Kevin Read said...

Glad things are going well for you both. Hope you are able to get everything worked out before you start or trek to Texas.

One question though. Will Ron's jury duty be over by then, if not what will happen? I have heard were some case can go on for a long time.

Kevin and Ruth

Unknown said...

What a full life! As for posting your other writing, have you thought of taking one day a week of your current blog to post your writings? Such as "Wednesday's Writing" or something similar. Then your readers know that on a particular day of the week, they can expect your creative writing. That saves another blog and keeps it separated a bit. Thanks.