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The Wandering Workentins ~ Ron & Ali: God loving, couple with two great sons, two delightful daughters-in-loves and five wonderful grandchildren, Max, Opal, Christopher, Treyson and Alexander. Following the Lord wherever He leads. Travel along with us as we visit family, friends, work wherever He lands us all the while trusting Him every step of the way. We enjoy meeting new people and seeing new things along life's journey.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

 Merry Christmas from our home to yours!
                         Opal Rae                   Max, Christopher & Treyson          
Jamie & Suzanne's daughter     Brandon & Danalyn's 3 boys

Christmas 2012 was just us this year.

Top of the list was making turkey in our rig - this is the 6th Christmas in our rig and the first time making a turkey in it.  I checked with the local grocer/meat cutter and was told "of course, we can cut your turkey in half."  When I went to the grocery store and asked the meat cutter he looked at me kind of puzzled but said "OK".  And so I made our first traditional Christmas dinner ever in the rig.

What do you think?
Turkey & gravy
Dressing & Orange/peach jello salad
Yams w/marshmallows and Green bean casserole

Yukon gold mashed potatoes w/garlic

Finished off with brownies & rice krispy treats!
 And of course no special dinner would be complete without a catastrophe of some kind ~ Ron reached for a glass, hit the bowl of jello salad, it did a full flip landing right side up and leaving this mess on the way down.
Jello salad decorating the cupboard, rug and floor :)
And then we got to Skype/Facetime with all four of our grandchildren.  It was fun to hear about their day and what Santa brought them. 

 Christopher & Treyson making faces!

Opal ... she sure reminds us of her daddy when he was this age.

Max - age 14!
Chris who loves to have his picture taken.
Treyson who loves to play with balls ~ can you tell he is hiding one in his hands.
Our precious Opal!
Different shots of the Workentin boys!

The Workentin Grands - 2012
Aren't they cute???

One more of all four of them! 

And after a full tummy this is what Santa does

At the end of a great day!!!


Carol K said...

I enjoyed seeing your pictures, Alice. Glad your turkey and trimmings turned out well in spite of the jello "disaster".

Brandon Workentin said...

I thought you were joking when you said you had them cut a turkey in half. :)

Ali Workentin said...

Don't know who you are Unknown...but yep had them cut it in half. Made half yesterday for Christmas and am going to make the other half either this weekend or on New Years Day.

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Sounds like a great time! Your food looks delicious and your children are beautiful!