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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Little Catching Up

It has been awhile since I have posted so thought I should do a little catch up.  Guess I should have checked to see what was my last post.... a quick summary and will elaborate in more detail in the days to come.

We had a great time at Ron's Aunt Erma & Uncle Rex's in McNeal, AZ.  The highlight, well one of two, was the gals beating the guys 5 games to one in spades.  But even better was watching the Sand Hill Cranes coming in to roost for the night.  That was so interesting, the sunset was brilliant and so fun to walk around the lake with Aunt Erma and just get caught up on each others' life.

We then took two days to get to Kerrville, TX where we met up with one of the gals from the Womens RV Forum that I am a part of.  Even got my official welcome and flamingo wine glass (I do have pictures to post later).

Then last Sunday, February 20th we pulled into Lone Star Corral in D'Hanis, TX just before noon.  Funny the address is in Hondo, the park itself is in D'Hanis.  We got parked into our site and some of the setup done before we headed out for lunch with Bonnie & Ed Mason.  Bonnie is the VP of Board of Directors of the park.  Forgot to take the camera to lunch but you should have seen the pepper steak that Ron had.  He ate half and brought home half and had enough for the two of us to share in the evening.  We then got a quick tour of D'Hanis and saw where the bat colonies are (under the bridge of the overpass).

Came back and got more things done around the motor home.  Then we went to the ice cream social where we were introduced to the campers.  They had so many choices of regular and sugar free ice cream as well as birthday cake.  We only stayed a little while and then returned to the motor home to finish getting things organized.  

We had to go into Hondo to call DirectTV to set up an appointment to have them come out...we could not get a signal at all.  Also spent about an hour on the phone with Verizon as we have little to no cell phone coverage at the park.  We did what the customer service rep said to do but to no avail.  We have to see about getting another cell phone or figure out what we are going to do.  We do have the land line that we can receive calls on ~ we just can't make long distance calls on them.  If you want our land line # or our address here in Texas give us a shout out and we will send it on to you.

Our first two days of work have gone real well.  I keep getting told "it's not usually this crazy, it's usually much quieter around here."  I think things have gone pretty smooth and not so crazy at all.  Ron is learning lots of new things too.  Today he read all the electric meters in the park and I made bills for all the units.  Tomorrow I hear it can be pretty crazy as everyone rushes in to pay their bills.  Wonder if I should put out a tip jar?

We have felt very welcomed by everyone.  Tomorrow I get to lead the social hour at 4:00 p.m.  I have to give a report of how many members and guests are here, ask if anyone has any announcements, and pass the basket of chocolate.  Don't think I will have a problem with that.  Jeanette the Assistant Manager said she gets in there, says what she has to say and then gets out of there ~ she doesn't like to be in big crowds.  

Saturday we are going to our first dinner here at the park.  It is a chili cook-off.  Should be lots of fun.

DirectTV came out today and we now have TV ~ didn't realize how much I missed hearing the news.  Was sad to hear about the earthquake in New Zealand and the four people killed who had been kidnapped by the Somali pirates.  If you think of them say a prayer for the survivors and families of the victims.

PRAISE ~ we are so thankful for all our friends and family who prayed us here to Texas.  God was faithful all through our trip even when my faith waivered.  

Need to close for now will get to writing updates in the next few evenings.  

Need to share a funny with y'all ~ last night we Skyped with Brandon and his family.  Christopher was so cute.  They have a hand held mike that they use and he kept trying to give it to us to hold.  He would hold it up to us at the screen for us to grab.  He then called the camera Grammy's eye is looking at him.  That got a huge laugh from all of us.  It was so good to see them all.

Proud to say that Max got all A's and 2 B's on his report card.  He is working at getting all A's so he can get $50.  We are proud of him as he was struggling at the beginning of the year with his classes.

Okay for reals now, I am closing for now.  Love you all.  Remember we love to hear from you so feel free to leave us a note and if you want our land line number or our snail mail address give me a shout out.


Leslie said...

Glad you both are safe and sound and settled in (the 3 S's)!
I would imagine that dealing with crowds trying to pay their electric bills has to be WAY easier than carnival ticket sales and customer service! You should be a pro at handling this!!

Carol K said...

Well, Ali and Ron, it sounds like you are off to a good start there in D'Hanis/Hondo. Keep us posted!

Kevin and Ruth said...

Sounds like you are settling in nicely at the park.

I like parks where you have metered electricity, that way if you don't use a lot of electricity you are subsiding for those that do.

Kevin and Ruth

John and Judy said...

Glad to hear you made it to Lone Star safe and sound. We wish you all the best in your new job and hope to come and visit you when we are in that area.

Our friends Bob and Linda plan to arrive at Lone Star tonight, be sure to give them an extra hug for us.

Judy and John

Phyllis said...

Hey - great to hear you made it and are now settled in.

I really want to be able to use Skype too. Just can't seem to get it figured out. Luckily there is a computer clinic today at the SKP park here in Benson, AZ. I am counting on them.

Will continue to look for your updates as you travel this new adventure.

pidge said...

Glad you made it to Texas safely. You will love it down here. You will never meet a stranger in Texas, unless they come from a different State. We love it. It is a shame we will be leaving soon or we could have made plans to get together. Enjoy your time here.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Good to hear you made it safe and can't wait to hear more about the job,as we would like to do the same.

Levonne said...

You've had a very full life! And sounds like it is going to be even fuller!! Have fun!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

If you buy some minutes ($10 minimum) with you use their 800# to access LD, so you can use it from a phone that doesn't allow LD calls.
I have used it for years on my home phone, and have no LD with phone company, so no one can make LD calls from my phone unless they know the code.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

P.S. 's rate is 2 cents a minute within the US, and about the same to Canada. It used to be that to England, too.

Welcome to TX, and Happy Trails.