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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Being Thankful

As I woke this morning I thought about November and Thanksgiving and being thankful.  I am thankful for the many blessings I have in my life: friends, a loving husband, two wonderful sons and their precious families and so much more.  I thought about the decision I made last November to write about being thankful for specific things each day in November.  Don't get me wrong - I thank the Lord each day for things that I am thankful for but last November I was diligent to write a post each day on thankfulness.  And as I woke at 5:03 this morning I thought "I should do that again!" And so here I am today on November 1 ~~~

Today I am thankful for the gift of friendship and unexpected visits with special friends.  Yesterday afternoon I received an email from Pastor Charles (our pastor from our home church of Northwood Alliance Church in Blaine, WA) asking if we could get together for dinner and a visit?  Well of course!!!  So I chatted with Ron and then called Pastor Charles on his cell phone and he said he would be at our place in a couple of hours.  I was so excited to spend time with him.  One of the things I miss about not being in Blaine is being able to walk into Charles' office and ask questions or share something special with him.  Email and phone calls are just not the same.

Charles arrived about 5:30 and after lots of hugs and hello's we gave him a tour of the office here at Lone Star Corral and then walked over to the clubhouse.  We then drove around the park and introduced him to a few of the friends we have made here.  And then we were off to dinner at El Charro's and lots of visiting and catching up.  And before we knew it it was time for him to head back to Seguin where he was staying.  But before he left we spent some time in prayer - another thing we have missed - sharing in prayer time with special friends.  And with more hugs he was back on the road.

Thank you Charles for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend a few hours with us and for the delicious dinner and most importantly for spending time in prayer with us.  We are so thankful for the blessing of friendship, love and care that Pastor Charles brings into our lives.

Stay tuned for more thoughts on thankfulness in the coming days.  And don't forget to find something to be thankful for in your own life.


Phyllis said...

What a nice way to celebrate this season. I've often thought of writing each day listing three things that made me smile. Your post reminds me of that thought.

We have friends that live is Sequin and stay of their property when down that way. Maybe sometime this Spring. If so, would be a delight to see you and Ron again.

Carol K said...

You inspire me, Ali!

Merikay said...

Nerver to early to be thankful for the joys of living.