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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I Am So Excited :)

Some days it doesn't take much to make me smile
and today is no different.

I have had 
this phone since November 2012.

I had 
417, yes four hundred and seventeen pictures 
on the phone
but had no clue how to get them from 
the phone
my laptop.

I am happy to say somehow, not even sure how I did it
I got all those pictures now on my laptop 
and I am happy.

Here are a few pictures that have been on my phone
At the Comedy Jubilee and Ron playing a game!!!

Krispy Creme motor home in Branson...pretty cool.  Would have loved to have seen the inside.

A little magnetic board and magnets given to me by Pam, one of my Forever Friends, for watching MamaKitty while they were on vacation last Spring.  Fits perfectly on the pantry cabinet here in the motor home.

And one of the grand boys toys found in the Jeep after our return to Branson March 2013!

The band playing at Friendly Baptist Church before we moved to Coffeyville, KS.

Love the bumper stickers on this truck.  Ron loves the truck.  Ali thinks its UGLY!

Looking out the window of the motorhome during one of those scary storms while we were in Kansas.
 And of course 
no blog post would be complete without pictures of my sweet grandchildren.

Max one of the few times I was able to get a picture of him.  Can't believe he will be 15 in a month!!! those blue eyes.

Christopher after he bumped his nose!

Alex giving Grammy a smiley face.

Opal smiling at her cousins!!
Bet you are not as excited as I am that I now have all those for more to come!!!


Unknown said...

I so see you in Treyson! Too cute!

Unknown said...

I so see you in Treyson! Too cute!

Phyllis said...

The old saying is true - never give up.