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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chris Getting up on our Bed - Edition 2

As you know we are here in Clarkston, WA/Lewiston, ID visiting with our son, Brandon and his family. Last weekend we kept the boys so Brandon and Danalyn could have a weekend away.

Sunday afternoon I put Christopher (he turned 2 on 3/24/10)  down for his nap. Sleep was not on his agenda though. I thought he was sleeping and Max went towards the back of the motor home and found Christopher "coloring" all over himself and our bed with a puple marker pen. Christopher had found the pen on my nightstand. So after cleaning him up and putting him back down for a nap I went back into the living room.

Shortly Christopher wandered back into the living room. I told him to get back on Grammy's bed and take his nap so we could go swimming. I forgot he couldn't get on the bed and so I went back to pick him up. Lo and behold he was on the bed. I asked him how he got up there. His reply "me used Grandpa's ladder." Since I did not know what he was talking about I had him show me how he used Grandpa's ladder. He jumped down off the bed and then walked around to the side and climbed up Ron's night stand using the handles on the two drawers as a ladder. I was impressed with his ingenuity. I called Ron to come and watch how Christopher got up on the bed. We were so impressed we had to film it (really any excuse to take pictures of the grands works for me).

Anyway, here is Christopher showing Grandpa how he uses Grandpa's ladder to get onto our bed. Hope you enjoy it!

Okay...I had a video of Chris climbing up Ron's nightstand to get up on our bed.  Got an email saying the video didn't work....went to reload it and now I can't find the darn thing and of course, I already deleted it from the camera!  Next time I will check to make sure it loads correctly before unloading it.  Anyway, it was a cute video and now I can't even find the picture that started the video...guess I need to learn more about Picasso and my camera!  I will take another video of Christopher this weekend and add it to this post.  Sorry for messing this up.  

Here is Christopher walking towards our if I can only figure out how make the video work????

By the way, Christopher did finally go to sleep ~
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Phyllis said...

Video did not work for me. How old is Christopher?

I sure miss my Abby (1) and Charlotte (4). Thinking I might not see them until next summer is impossible. I will just have to hop on a plane and head to Baltimore at some time in the next few months.

Ali Workentin said...

Phyllis I got it figured out this time (I think). Christopher is 2 1/2. He will be 3 on 3/24.

I so know what you mean about not seeing them. We did not see the grandsons or Brandon & Danalyn since last Christmas. It definitely was a long 9 1/2 months.

Thanks for following along on my blog.

Dee said...

Too cute!!! Be careful, though. The next thing you know, he'll be climbing "ladders" in the kitchen! LOL! love you!