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Friday, October 22, 2010

Elk River Back Country Byway - Another Day of Sightseeing w/Ron

We decided to get up and get going a little earlier than normal and take a scenic byway route.  Hope you enjoy traveling along with us.  We enjoyed our day. 

The beginning of our scenic drive.  This is leaving Orofino and heading towards Elk River.

Looking down at the bridge we needed to cross.

Coming round the corner to actually get on the bridge.  We were going to stop right on the bridge to get a picture of the view from the bridge but we had a sheriff pull right behind us so we decided it was best to keep on moving.

Some deer in a yard on the road to the water.

Just love the colors of fall.

This was coming into Elk River.  Think this could be another background for my wallpaper.

Love the view this home has of the water.

This was in the town of Elk River.  Ron thinks it was a cookhouse for the logging camp.

On old truck and equipment.

A cute little cabin and storage unit in Elk River.

The general store in Elk River.

A beautiful church with stained glass windows.

The old school house.

And another farm and barn on the way.

Some neat looking old houses in a logging community.

Bovil Town Hall

An old boarding house.

The name of this place caught my eye.  Ron thought it would be a great place to eat.  (Northwood is the name of our home church in Blaine, WA)

Two little yellow cabins.  Reminded us of some small cabins that used to be in Birch Bay, WA along the beach.

The Gents room outside a little church.

The Ladies room outside the church.

Sign telling the story of Bethany Chapel.  A small Lutheran church and cemetery we found on our journey.

The front of Bethany Lutheran Church.  The church was settled by a group of Norwegian Lutheran's.  They no longer meet regularly but do come together for a memorial service for the local families in the community.  It was founded in the late 1800's.  It is in a beautiful setting.  The foundation is white rocks stacked together about 5 deep. 

This headstone, in the cemetery next to the little Lutheran church,  caught my eye as my mother's name was Margaret Jean Nelson (Joan is my little sister).  As we wandered through the cemetery there were lots of Nelson's ~ wonder if any are long lost ancestors.

A marker of a little baby. 

One of the things we enjoyed was walking around the little church yard and cemetery.  There is always such history of the community found there.  The first person buried in the cemetery was 1906 and the most recent was may 2010.  It was a very serene place, surrounded my trees and bordered by a lovely farm.

Hope you enjoyed traveling along with us today.


pidge said...

I did indeed enjoy traveling with you on this trip. Loved all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Phyllis said...

Nice little road trip.

We, too, like to walk around old cemeteries and look at the gravestones. Around here in TN we see quite a few small family cemeteri

Joe and Jeanie Luna said...

These are absolutely beautiful pictures Alice. It was absolutely wonderful to see places of America. Thanks for sharing. Made me a bit homesick for America though!