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The Wandering Workentins ~ Ron & Ali: God loving, couple with two great sons, two delightful daughters-in-loves and five wonderful grandchildren, Max, Opal, Christopher, Treyson and Alexander. Following the Lord wherever He leads. Travel along with us as we visit family, friends, work wherever He lands us all the while trusting Him every step of the way. We enjoy meeting new people and seeing new things along life's journey.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Day with Max ~ October 7, 2010

 Max did not have school last Thursday or Friday so he spent Wednesday and Thursday nights with us.  Follow along as we spend some time together.  This is Max about 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday night.  Reminds me of how I fall asleep ~ with my glasses on.

We decided to drive to Moscow, ID to go to Office Depot.  Grammy needed a new computer.  The old one has thermal shutdowns plus it would be nice if both Grandpa and I had our own.  Sometimes we both would like to be on the computer at the same time.

One of many farm houses we saw along the way.

Max reading about things to do in Moscow and Pullman.

One of the most beautiful farms we saw

Max holding on ~ Grandpa gets carried away driving sometimes.

Took all day to get this picture.  We are thankful our last name is not "Crapo" - am sure the guy was teased all his life about his last name.   (Click on the picture to make it bigger).

In Moscow ~ the old county courthouse building.  A beautiful building too bad the trees are in the way.

The cougar at Pullman.  WSU is a beautiful campus but very spread out.

Another view of the cougar.

Max enjoying his ice cream cone at Ferdinand's at WSU.  Don't tell Mom & Dad that lunch was a double decker ice cream cone and some squeaky cheese.

Grandpa enjoying his double scoop ice cream cone.

Grammy enjoying Huckleberry and Pumpkin - both tasted scrumptious!

Read the story of Ferdinand.

Part two about Ferdinand.

Part three.

Part four.

Part five.

The story continues.

...and continues

...and continues

...the end!

Max enjoying his ice cream.

All gone...don't know who enjoyed it more.

All the different types of cheese they make at WSU.

At WSU they make cheese and ice cream.  Enjoy the following pictures of their operation.

Max looking at all the different types of milk bottles.

These guys are packing ice cream.

Ferdinand's - where the ice cream and cheese are made and enjoyed at WSU.

University of Idaho in Moscow, a beautiful entrance.

Another beautiful farm.

Another farm house buried amongst the trees.

Another farm house ~ we never tire of looking at them.  Sometimes Grandpa says he still wishes he lived on the farm he grew up on.

Harry Potter's place in Clarkston.

Another view of Harry Potter's place.  
And that ends our day together.  
Hope you enjoyed traveling along with us.


Carol K said...

That sounds like a fun trip, Alice and Ron! I'm glad that you are getting to spend quality time with your grandsons.

Dee said...

I wonder if the portapotty is part of mr. crapo's campaign! LOL!