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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Oops ~ Almost missed my post for Friday!

Just looked at the clock and saw it was almost 11:30 p.m.  Oops, almost didn't get my thankful post in for the day.  I had planned to write it this evening but whoa, almost skipped right to night.

Today I am thankful for being able to work with my pastor at our church.  For those who don't know, before we left for the carnival I was our church secretary.  Started out as a volunteer in the Fall of 2003.  Was going to do it for six months and then look for another job.  Well one thing led to another and I started to get paid so there I stayed.  I also took another part time job as secretary for HomeConnection.  HomeConnection is a Parent Partnership Program through the Blaine School District.  It is a program where home schoolers take enrichment classes to supplement their home schooling classes.  I held the position of church secretary till now.  I took a leave of absence that started in March for us to go and travel and work with the carnival.  The plan, at least what I thought it was, was that we would go work for the carnival and then come back to Blaine, after a vacation to Lewiston to see the grands, and get back to work as church secretary.  That was the plan.

As we worked for the carnival and then went on vacation, Ron started talking about "work" and what we could do next.  Selling Christmas trees sounded fun to him.  I thought OK, we can do that I guess, thinking "na, no one will hire us and we will just go back to Blaine."   Wrong we got hired to sell Christmas trees and we start the 23rd of November!  Somewhere between Federal Way and Everett.  OK that's close by, but we can travel right ;).  Okay, Federal Way to Everett is not that far from here.  But that is now our plan.  Bringing me to today.

Working at the church, doing my secretary thing.  I had so much fun.  It was fun to joke with Charles, get some stuff organized, do the bulletin again and get things ready for Sunday.  It was fun to be greeted by Keith as he came into the office with "so good to see you in that chair."  Thanks Keith, it feels good to be back there if even only for a couple of weeks.  I chatted with Charles, reviewed the list of things he would like me to do and got down to work.  Made a trip to the Post Office to get stamps.  Even the gal at the Post Office commented she hadn't seen me in a really long time.  I had to tell her I had run off and played with the carnival for seven months.  She looked at me kinda funny.  I told her really, we did and had a blast.  Back at the office I found myself sitting at the computer wondering how to do something - funny how even after just a few months I forgot the easiest of things to do.  Was about ready to ask Charles how do I put the scripture reading in the power point ~ but I remembered so I didn't feel too dumb.  Just a little.

Finished up at 4:25 ~ told Ron I would be home by 4:30 ~ well at least I left by 4:30.  Came home, got Ron out the door to go to the airport to pick up Brandon.  He is flying in for the weekend, not so much to see us but to get the truck from us.  Another piece of the puzzle coming together for us to continue to work and travel on the road.  Brandon and Danalyn bought our truck from us, for the price we were asking.  Okay God, I will try to get used to the idea of doing more traveling.  Thank you Lord for continuing to show us what you want us to do.

About 6:15 I headed out the door to go to First Friday.  It is  group of friends, from many walks of life who get together the first Friday of each month during the school year.  We share a meal of soup (usually two kinds) and bread, chips, dips, and desserts of all kinds.  Some of us have a glass of wine or a beer, some of us have a soda pop.  What we all do is have fun reconnecting with friends.

Got home from First Friday (thanks Jim & Cindy for being my personal driver ~~ can't figure out how to spell chauffer ~~).  Called Ron to see where he was.  He was sitting at the airport.  Airplane problems, needing a new crew and who knows what all, Brandon's flight was not due in till 11:15 p.m.  So guess they won't be home for awhile.  Settled in on the couch, read a few emails and a couple of blogs and then looked at the clock ~ 11:30 and I hadn't written what I was thankful for today.

Like I said at the beginning.  I am thankful for having the privilege of working for our church family at Northwood Alliance and with Pastor Charles.  I missed the days of joking, teasing and being teased about proof reading and putting things together to help make our service on Sunday's go smoothly.  Thank you Charles and Northwood family for letting me fill in these next two weeks and working on some projects.  I love and appreciate all of you!  Thank you Lord for leading me to a great group of people I am blessed to call my family.


Phyllis said...

Gotta love it when things fall in place. Even though we enjoy traveling and visiting different churches, we still miss our "home church".

And I bet they really missed you too!

Cindy said...

what an awesome much in the simple things to be thankful for. Christmas tree people it!! I always wondered about the ones here in Texas..where they were from..ect..this year I will ask.
My son is working for a oil/gas company now..hopefully my hubbie will get on in January..we need work!!
I miss the church work also..but God had other plans.

Hugs Cindy

John and Judy said...

That's so nice you were able to work at your home church again. Hoping and praying that you are back in your motor home soon!

Merikay said...

Even on a bad day I have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for the reminder.